IDG Masterclass with Peter Senge at Fotografiska

Compassionate System Webinar

IDGs and Compassionate Systems Leadership:
Putting the IDGs into practice

Join us for an exclusive 3-day Masterclass in “Compassionate Systems Leadership” with Peter Senge in Stockholm that will give you a deeper understanding of ‘systems change‘ in complex situations and the personal and interpersonal capacities needed to lead this kind of change.

This masterclass is designed for leaders in all sectors who are committed to influencing the integration of IDGs in diverse institutional contexts.

Whether you’re a business leader, educator, government official, or NGO representative, this masterclass will provide you with the advanced tools and knowledge you need to drive systems change.

- Peter Senge, MIT Sloan School of Management
Peter Senge

“The IDGs are opening a space of curiosity and engagement around the world. 

Many recognize them as addressing a blindspot in how we are currently approaching global issues like climate change, inequity and the SDGs more broadly – namely, the ‘inner work’ of how we grow personally and inter-personally in order to confront and stay engaged creatively in fostering ongoing systems change. 

What is needed now more than ever is lead institutions who are showing what it takes to work with the IDGs in practice and the benefits this can create.”